Reena is a large non-profit social service agency in the Greater Toronto Area dedicated to integrating adults with developmental disabilities into the mainstream of society. It offers residential services and day and evening programs. It is open to people of all faiths but focuses especially on providing Judaic programming and a Jewish environment so as to enable its participants to develop spiritually and feel a sense of belonging and a connection to their roots, culture and community. Its training programs are open to people from other agencies. Reena’s “Pathways and Channels” programs are community-based programs that act as a transition for adults from schools, home and other programs.

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Participation Leading to Friendship
Participation Leading to Friendship

Brett is a young man in his 20’s who has attended Pathways for three years. He lives in a supportive independent-living apartment, sings in a choir, and is an aspiring actor. By working as a volunteer at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre reception desk, he built the skills and the work experience which gave him the confidence to attempt new things.

Brett then applied to Project Works, a government program which pairs job seekers with coaches to search for jobs. Along with staff support, he created a resume, solicited references, and worked hard on interview skills. He proved to Project Works that he has the skills to find a job and was accepted into the program.

Brett regularly comes back to Pathways and keeps in touch with his friends there.

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