This section offers some suggestions for forming a friendship with someone who has an intellectual disability. The stories and videos give a window into how rewarding such a friendship can be.

You may think you will feel awkward or anticipate that you will be bored. In fact, people who have a friend with a disability usually say they receive much more than they give in the relationship. What you will receive is often intangible–as is true with other good friendships. Each friendship is different, so the receiving comes in different ways, but after a while you will have only to reflect a bit on your inner state to understand the gift in the friendship.

“Start with Hi”
“Start with Hi” (252.10KB, PDF)

This document provides a link to a website that will help dispel any discomfort you feel about engaging with people with intellectual disabilitites.

“Dance in the Shadow”
“Dance in the Shadow” (131.64KB, PDF)

This DVD-Rom continues the story of the life of Rebecca Beayni and the many people whose lives she has changed through the gift of friendship and her enjoyment of dance. PDFs of Teacher’s Guide for use with the film are available free on the Education page of larche.ca.

Good Practices in Action

This part of the website highlights just a few examples of the many effective programs across Canada. Some are national, some locally based. We offer these hoping they will inspire other good programming.

Find Out About These Programs

Getting Involved

This section is for people who might like to become friends with someone who has an intellectual disability. You will find suggestions and inspiring stories about the value of such friendships.

Getting Involved
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