Looking for friends is an adventure. It will mean taking risks. But there are some risks you should not take. Safety is very important. Until you get to know people well, there are some things you should do to make sure you stay safe.

This section is about keeping your body safe when with other people. It is also about respecting other people’s bodies so they feel safe. We do not say much here about other safety habits—things like obeying the laws when out walking or cycling. Of course, these are also very important.

Here is a list of some reminders to help you stay safe. Go over this list. Practice it.

1) Always tell someone you trust when you are going any place new or different. Have a clear plan. Tell them when you expect to be back home. Stick with your plan. If you plan to come home with someone, do not go off with someone else.

2) Always take some emergency money with you. Bring important phone numbers too.

3) Take a well-charged cell phone if you have one.

4) If you are going to a place that you do not know well, make a plan with your friends in case you get lost. Where will you meet? When?

5) Do not go out with people you do not know at all. Find out about them first.

6) If you start to feel uncomfortable with the people you are with, get away from them. Call someone to help you get home.

7) Never get in a car if the person driving has been drinking alcohol. Do not get in a car if they have been taking drugs. Do not get in a car with someone if you do not feel safe for any reason. Have enough money to go home some other way. Ask before going out if someone will pick you up if you have this kind of problem.

8) Do not take pills or drugs people offer you. Do not stay with people who are taking them. Do not take a drink if you do not trust the people you are with. Leave and go home.

9) Never accept a ride from someone you do not know.

10) Do not allow other people to touch you sexually. This means to kiss you or touch your genitals (between your legs) or breasts. This is only for when a boyfriend and girlfriend know each other very well. It is only for when you trust each other and agree to it. It is not for family members. If somebody touches you this way get away. Tell someone you trust.

Always obey safety laws. These include:

  • Wearing a seat-belt
  • Crossing the road with the traffic light or cross-walk
  • Walking on the sidewalk, or walking on the left side of the road facing the traffic
  • Following traffic safety laws if you use a bicycle or scooter.
  • Wearing a life-jacket in a boat

There may be other reminders that your family or a support person will help you with. Each situation is different.

Friends Take Care of Each Other

Greg went on vacation with some friends. Greg has diabetes. He has to be very careful what he eats. The first day, the others always wanted to stop at restaurants where Greg could not find things to eat. He started to feel unwell. He knew that he could get very sick and even go unconscious. He explained to the others in the group that he had diabetes. The others listened to Greg. They planned around his diabetes. After that, Greg felt safe with the group. He and the others all had a great vacation.


Activity/Information Sheets

Safety Tips for Women
Safety Tips for Women (255.75KB, PDF)

This document links to a website called It gives some good advice for keeping safe. It was made for women, but men can use it too. Everyone should follow these safety tips.

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