Friendship Skills

No friendship is perfect. Most friends have difficulties at times. But if friends are committed to each other, their friendship can grow. There are some skills that you can learn. These will help your friendship. One important thing that friends should do is talk to each other—communicate! They should be honest about how they feel if they are not happy with their friend. They should listen to each other.

Challenges or difficulties can help you to think about your friendship. Go to each of the four pages under this tab. Each one talks about a different challenge. The suggestions in these pages will help you to know what you can do to make your friendship last.

Taking Care of Your Guests
Taking Care of Your Guests

Binny and Mary Anne and a few other friends had a Canada Day party. Before they sat down to eat, Binny and Mary Anne made sure that everyone had a sandwich. They made sure that everyone had a place to sit. They made sure everyone was having a nice time.


Activity/Information Sheets

Using Circle of Friends
Using Circle of Friends (272.10KB, PDF)

This document explains “Circle of Friends” and how to use this tool. (It can also be helpful to young people in deciding how close a friends is. This can help with knowing how to act with that friend.)

(Extracted with permission from the 2009 Inclusion Press booklet, “Planning for Real Life after School”, prepared by the Marsha Forest Centre.)

Common Problems in Social Situations
Common Problems in Social Situations (262.12KB, PDF)

This talks about common problems in social situations. It might give you ideas on how to deal with them if they come up in your life.

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