“It’s going to be a great year!”

Belonging has always been a theme woven through my everyday interactions with students. I recall...

“Start with Hi” (252.10KB, PDF)

This document provides a link to a website that will help dispel any discomfort you feel about engaging with people with intellectual disabilitites.

A Course on Sexuality Can Be Helpful

Patrick suggests taking a course on sexuality. He tells how it helped him. He learned a lot about...

A Teacher Describes an Inclusive Project

Lauchie MacKinnon describes involving Grade 7 students with intellectual disabilities with Grade 11...

A Workshop on Safety with a Special Focus on Women with Intellectual Disabilities (119.13KB, PDF)

This document provides more information and links to a workshop and resources focusing on safety for women with intellectual disabilities.

An Educational Philosophy that Values Wonder

The educational philosophy of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, of which Baruch Rand is a proponent,...

Big Enough Dreams (252.50KB, PDF)

“Big Enough Dreams” is the result of a project by the Edmonton Learning Community aimed at promoting positive images of people with developmental disabilities. This document tells you where to find more information.

Creating a Good Life in Community (Plain Language Version)

This is a guide that will help you think about building a good life in community. It is in plain language.

Designed by the Individualized Funding Coalition of Ontario and funded by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services.

Definitions of Curriculum that Encourage Inclusion

Dr. Carmen Shields has been an important member of the committee developing the Toronto Catholic...

Definitions of Curriculum that Foster Inclusion (258.08KB, PDF)

This document describes Dr. Carmen Shield’s views on the importance of defining curriculum in a way that creates inclusive environments.

Educator Resources on Autism (136.99KB, PDF)

This document provides some resources for young adults on the Autism spectrum, as well as their educators.

Handbook for Aboriginal Parents of Children with Special Needs (115.90KB, PDF)

This resource for Aboriginal families is meant to help parents of young people with intellectual disabilities and provides the shared ideas and experiences of many Aboriginal families in Canada. Notably, it recognizes the specific challenges of sometimes dealing with both provincial and federal education systems.

iBelong! Handbook (1.47MB, PDF)

This handbook will help you make the best use of the site. It explains how to use the different features.

Peer Mentoring Opens Windows of Understanding (257.71KB, PDF)

This is the full text of Meghan Rogers’ story about how a peer mentoring course changed her life.

PlayFair Teams - Program Description (842.62KB, PDF)

This document summarizes PlayFair Teams, breaks down the process, gives testimony from students, and talks about the benefits.

Provincial/Territorial Inclusion Legislation and Policy (133.98KB, PDF)

This document contains some links to provincial and territorial government statements on inclusive education.

Resources for Aboriginals with Intellectual Disabilities (156.41KB, PDF)

This document contains some links to organizations and resources for Aboriginals with intellectual disabilities.

Resources for Families and Educators on Teaching about Sexuality (136.27KB, PDF)

This document gives you a list of resources that can help you teach young adults with disabilities about sexuality.

Resources on Autism (136.55KB, PDF)

This document provides some resources for young adults on the Autism spectrum, as well as their family members and educators.

Safety Tips for Women (255.75KB, PDF)

This document links to a website called It gives some good advice for keeping safe. It was made for women, but men can use it too. Everyone should follow these safety tips.

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