Transition Planning

A Friend Who Moves Away Can Still be Your Friend

Sometimes friends move away. This does not mean your friendship has to end. You can find a way to...

A Teacher on Opportunities for Youth with Special Needs

Secondary school teacher Liam Cameron feels some youth with disabiliteis lack opportunity to give...

About Rebecca and her Video (251.78KB, PDF)

Rebecca has a website which gives information about her and her activities and also explains how to obtain a copy of her video, “Revel in the Light.”

An Educator’s Initiative Inspired by a Parent

Linda Alonzi, a high school principal, saw an opportunity to create long-term relationships between...

Circle of Friends and Beyond

Circle of Friends led Josie to see that her son needed help to have friends among his classmates....

Creating a Good Life in Community (Plain Language Version)

This is a guide that will help you think about building a good life in community. It is in plain language.

Designed by the Individualized Funding Coalition of Ontario and funded by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services.

Follow Their Interests!

“Find something that your teen is keenly interested in and focus on that – in our case it was...

Frank Parent-Teacher Conversations

Good teachers appreciate the trust that parents place in them. Parents who are honest and frank...

Importance of Families Taking Risks

Josie describes the approach and iniatives she and her husband John took in helping their son...

Kim - Inspiration for a School Board Pilot Project

Kim has a full time volunteer job working in the kindergarten of an elementary school. It is a job...

Kim’s Experience - A Place of Belonging

Kim loves her job helping in a kindergarten classroom. She encourages other young people with...

More Links for Transition Planning (169.44KB, PDF)

This document provides links to more information on various transition planning resources and organizations.

More on Person-Centered Planning (149.07KB, PDF)

This document provides more resources and information for learning about and using Person-Centered Planning.

PLAN and Circle of Friends (100.79KB, PDF)

This document gives a simple description of the approach of PLAN (Planned Lifetime Advocacy Networks) to forming supportive networks of friends. It includes links to more information about PLAN.

PLAN and RDSP (142.46KB, PDF)

This document will provide you with the url for the PLAN and RDSP website.

Post-Secondary Opportunities (230.19KB, PDF)

Some of the young people who contributed to this website - Aine in BC and Kim in Ontario - attended post-secondary programs that they found helpful. This document provides several links to post-secondary opportunities and information for thinking about going on to college.

Power of Attorney and Guardianship

Rebecca’s story is influencing policies around Power of Attorney and Guardianship. Together with...

SACL School to Life - Transition Handbook (757.56KB, PDF)

This document will give you suggestions to help you find friends. It will help you make your plan.

Start Early on Inclusion - Break Down Steps

Jonathan’s teacher reflects with his mother and one of his classmate friends on the steps that...

Susan Beayni - Importance of Family Support

Family support is essential for a young person with a disability. Susan’s daughter Rebecca, for...

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