The ABLE Network - Transforming the Workplace

Businesses are sometimes surprised to find that the young people with disabilities makes a...

The Belonging Collection (767.91KB, PDF)

The Belonging Collection is intended to make inclusion work in the school environment. The kit contains both the PlayFair Teams material and the L’Arche DVD, “Choosing Our Future: Jean Vanier in Conversation with Secondary School Students.”

The Experience of a Parent

Debbie Leuschner is a parent who has also been a Best Buddies Coordinator for St Francis-Xavier...

The Importance of Friendships in Support Networks

In this audio clip Marsha Dozar, Executive Director of L.I.F.E., explains the centrality of...

Tyze User Brochure (664.05KB, PDF)

This brochure provides some basic information about the Tyze networking service created by PLAN.

Using Circle of Friends (272.10KB, PDF)

This document explains “Circle of Friends” and how to use this tool. (It can also be helpful to young people in deciding how close a friends is. This can help with knowing how to act with that friend.)

(Extracted with permission from the 2009 Inclusion Press booklet, “Planning for Real Life after School”, prepared by the Marsha Forest Centre.)

Vanessa and Jaclyn - Special Olympics

Vanessa and Jaclyn describe their involvement in Special Olympics

What to Look for in a Circle

In this short clip, Suzanne Swanton, Executive Director of Continuity Care, describes who they look...

Why Tyze is Different (820.31KB, PDF)

This document tells you what makes Tyze different from other online networks.

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