National Organizations Engaged in Advocacy Work (147.76KB, PDF)

Some of the organizations described in this document concern themselves specifically with needs and opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. Some focus more on advocacy related to needs and opportunities of people with physical disabilities or with multiple disabilities.

Participation Leading to Friendship

Brett is a young man in his 20’s who has attended Pathways for three years. He lives in a...

PLAN and Circle of Friends (100.79KB, PDF)

This document gives a simple description of the approach of PLAN (Planned Lifetime Advocacy Networks) to forming supportive networks of friends. It includes links to more information about PLAN.

PLAN and RDSP (142.46KB, PDF)

This document will provide you with the url for the PLAN and RDSP website.

PLAN and Tyze (251.67KB, PDF)

This provides the url for the Tyze website and a brief description.

PlayFair Teams

Jack Pearpoint and Gary Bunch created the Playfair Teams program. It is an extracurricular program...

PlayFair Teams - Program Description (842.62KB, PDF)

This document summarizes PlayFair Teams, breaks down the process, gives testimony from students, and talks about the benefits.

Post-Secondary Opportunities (230.19KB, PDF)

Some of the young people who contributed to this website - Aine in BC and Kim in Ontario - attended post-secondary programs that they found helpful. This document provides several links to post-secondary opportunities and information for thinking about going on to college.

Power of Attorney and Guardianship

Rebecca’s story is influencing policies around Power of Attorney and Guardianship. Together with...

Rebecca and her Mom - Travel and Advocacy Work

Rebecca has traveled to a dance course in Boston and to various meetings and conferences including...

Rebecca and Heryka - ReVeAL Dance Creation

Heryka describes how dancing with Rebecca has inspired her to work with another friend to create...

Relationship-Building Organizations (237.80KB, PDF)

This document provides links to various organizations that place emphasis on social interaction and relationship-building.

Resources for Aboriginals with Intellectual Disabilities (156.41KB, PDF)

This document contains some links to organizations and resources for Aboriginals with intellectual disabilities.

Support for Muslims with Disabilities (83.37KB, PDF)

Read more about the efforts of Rabia Khedr, founder of the Canadian Association of Muslims with Disabilities, and about CAM-D.

The ABLE Network - Financial Considerations

One of the biggest challenges to providing programs is funding. Joan and Barb decided they needed...

The ABLE Network - Introduction

Barb and Joan are parents of young women with intellectual disabilities. They describe how they...

The ABLE Network - Planning and Starting - Part 1

Barb describes the research and planning she and Joan did before starting The ABLE Network. They...

The ABLE Network - Planning and Starting - Part 2

Joan describes making connections in the local community - businesses, faith-based organizations...

The ABLE Network - Planning and Starting - Part 3

Barb describes the social dimensions of The ABLE Network - using cell phones to keep in touch; Best...

The ABLE Network - Six Core Programs

The 6 programs are work experience, recreation, transit training, literacy, social networking, and...

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