Network Building

The ABLE Network - Planning and Starting - Part 2

Joan describes making connections in the local community - businesses, faith-based organizations...

The ABLE Network - Planning and Starting - Part 3

Barb describes the social dimensions of The ABLE Network - using cell phones to keep in touch; Best...

The ABLE Network - Six Core Programs

The 6 programs are work experience, recreation, transit training, literacy, social networking, and...

The ABLE Network - Transforming the Workplace

Businesses are sometimes surprised to find that the young people with disabilities makes a...

The Beauty of a Lasting Friendship

Dayna tells us about her friend Alison. “My friend Alison and I have been friends since the first...

The Kind of Student Who Can be a Friend

It takes a student with a strong sense of their own identity to be able to be a friend to a student...

Tyze User Brochure (664.05KB, PDF)

This brochure provides some basic information about the Tyze networking service created by PLAN.

Using Circle of Friends (272.10KB, PDF)

This document explains “Circle of Friends” and how to use this tool. (It can also be helpful to young people in deciding how close a friends is. This can help with knowing how to act with that friend.)

(Extracted with permission from the 2009 Inclusion Press booklet, “Planning for Real Life after School”, prepared by the Marsha Forest Centre.)

Why Tyze is Different (820.31KB, PDF)

This document tells you what makes Tyze different from other online networks.

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