Friends Share Interests

Friends don’t have to like all of the same things. BUT it helps if there is something you both like.

Here are a few examples of interests to share:

  • cheering for a sports team
  • going for walks
  • acting in a drama group
  • listening to music
  • playing sports
  • watching movies
  • playing cards
  • belonging to a club or group

Having similar interests with a friend is good because:

  • It is more fun to be together if you share an interest.
  • It gives you something to talk about. It is a way to get to know each other.
  • It gives you a chance to learn something new about something you like.
  • If you find conversation difficult, doing an activity together makes hanging out easier.
  • It can help your friendship last longer.

Cooking or baking together with a friend can be a lot of fun. Adam and Ryan enjoy preparing lunch together for their friends in the ABLE Network—a program that they both belong to. They make a very nice salad as part of the lunch.

Music Brings People Together
Music Brings People Together

Jaclyn wanted to learn guitar. She already had learned some chords from her mom. Then she met Mary. Mary could play the guitar and she knew some of the songs that Jaclyn wanted to learn. She asked Mary to help her learn more chords. Learning to play guitar together brought Mary and Jaclyn closer. Music is a special way to share time.

Common and Different Interests

It is good to share interests. But you and your friend do not need to be exactly the same. One survey respondent told us: “One of my longest friendships started in elementary school and was maintained by common interests and loyalty. I made friends after high school because I was in a program where I was surrounded by peers that had the same interests and goals as me.” Another young person from British Columbia said, “It is good to have the same interests. But you can learn from your friends too. One of my friends has a lot of the same interests as me, but she bakes too–like I wish I could. My mom thinks she’s absolutely awesome too.”

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