Letters and Cards

Sending letters and cards can be fun! And getting mail from friends is exciting. It is nice to send people cards for special occasions like birthdays. You can also send cards just to tell someone you are thinking of them. Letters can take a bit longer to write. This can actually be a good thing. You can spend time getting your letter just right. You can decorate your letters or send pictures in them.

Remembering someone’s birthday and sending a card makes them feel good. If you have difficulty remembering special dates like these, write them down on your calendar. Get someone to help you if you need it.

When people get a letter they know you have taken time over it. This will make people feel special.

Mailing Letters and Cards: Remember to put the correct postage on your letter or card. Remember to put the person’s full address on the envelope—including their postal code. A friend, family member or someone at the post office can help you with the stamps and postal code. Put your own address in the top left corner.

Giving and Getting

Jessica loves getting mail. She used to never get any mail. Then her teacher suggested that she send birthday cards to her friends. Jessica made the cards herself. She made them bright and colourful. When her friends got them, they felt special. They knew Jessica was thinking about them. This made them think about Jessica. Now Jessica gets mail all the time. She has a new hobby AND a big collection of cards!

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