If possible, try to take a money management course. This will help you deal with money. It will help you plan better. It may help you make a budget. Plan a certain amount of money for your social life and entertainment. This is the money you will use when you get together with friends. Keep track of your money. Do this so that you have enough money for the things that are most important to you.

Not all plans cost money

A get-together can be fun and cost nothing. Friends can enjoy going for walks together. They can enjoy playing sports that don’t cost anything. You can also go to each other’s houses to play games or watch movies.

Before you make plans…

Ask yourself:

  • will the activity cost money?

  • how much will it cost?

  • will it cost money to get there? And to get home again? (e.g. The bus costs money. Often when carpooling, each person will put in money for gas.)

  • how much money will I need in total?

  • do I have enough money to pay for this?

  • is this what I really want to do with the spending money I have? Or will I wish that I had saved my money for something else I want to do?

Think about whether you will have enough money well ahead of time. You may not want to spend your money this way. If this is the case tell your friend. Suggest that together you make a different plan that is less expensive. The important thing about friendship is being together. It is not about going to expensive places.

A Caution: If you don’t plan your money well you might have to cancel or change plans at the last minute. It is bad manners to cancel plans at the last minute. Or your friends might feel like they need to pay for you. This is bad manners too. You should not expect your friend to pay for things for you. This is not what friendship is about. Expecting this is expecting too much of your friend.

Money Matters
Money Matters

Keisha went to a movie with some friends. She was really excited to see the movie. She got to the theater and found out it was more expensive than she thought. She did not have enough money to pay for the movie. None of her friends had extra money. One of her friends had to miss the movie too so Keisha would not have to wait by herself. Now, Keisha always makes sure she has enough money when she makes plans!

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